Our Story

Our story is a pretty familiar one. 3 guys who love to play music formed a band. Original, huh? We played together for 5 years and really found a great connection through the music and our friendship. We hoped to be famous, but just like most bands, we broke up before we made the big time. Or, at least that’s what we tell ourselves.
Fast forward over a decade of weddings, kids, and multiple jobs, we reconnected. We still had a love for music, so we started playing together again, just for fun. This time around we realized we had something else in common, something new. In our time apart we had each gone on a journey. But this was different, this journey wasn’t about getting jobs and becoming more responsible, this journey was about discovery.
We discovered the path from lost to found.
When we reconnected and started playing together again, we found the stories we were telling were more than just about our adventures in travel, career and family, we were sharing stories of faith and hope and how we each came to discover God and His amazing love and grace. Our stories shaped the music we were playing and the words we were singing. We were celebrating. We were no longer lost and not only did we reconnect with each other, we had reconnected with the Creator of the universe.
And that, is a story worth wearing.
No Longer Lost is a creative company committed to helping others share their story of faith and connection to God. Our shirts and apparel allow you to share a message of hope with others, while reminding yourself that you are no longer lost. We share lots of stories these days, mostly over the internet. Here is an opportunity to wear a story worth telling, in real life. Your story might not change the world, but you may just change one person’s world.
Let’s spread the word.